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Cameron: Back in high school, during my junior year, I saw this beautiful girl walking through the hallway. I always watched her while she roamed the school doing her own thing. I spotted her on multiple occasions doing things that no ordinary student could do, it was mysterious to say the least. Ironically her name was Mystical.


I would kinda, subtly, stalk her as she flaunted her individuality and beauty without even trying. I made it a priority to get information about her from her friends. I wanted to understand her without feeling weird about going up to her to actually say “Hi”. I guess you could say that I felt pressure to play my cards right.


I couldn’t quite get over the thought of her. She was a beauty. In fact, she was the most beautiful girl of all, in my opinion and most of the students in our school agreed with me. 


Luckily I was assigned one class with her that semester, it was a forensics science class. I realized she was amongst the smartest kids in school, if not the smartest. That’s why she was free to roam the school as she did. The teachers respected her intellect and allowed her to do as she pleased. That made me even more attracted to her, but I was still too shy to say anything to her. 


Mr. Hardy, who was the teacher of our forensics course, treated us both kindly; me like I was the knucklehead who needed guidance, and her as the beautiful genius. Although he looked at me like a knucklehead, he still knew I had a good head on my shoulders and that I could be intelligent when I put in the effort. 


Somehow, he knew I had a crush on Mystical, and he had thought of a brilliant idea. He stepped away and came back with Mystical by his side. “Mystical, can you help Cameron with his work please, since you're already done? You’re free to leave after that.” “sure,” she said.

She looked at me, and I instantly pissed my pants (not literally). Words could barely come out of my mouth. She was so unique and funny with a witty attitude, she was charming. Her speaking to me alone made me nervous. I was trying to absorb the information that was being taught, but I was distracted. 


Inevitably, I knew that I had to shoot my shot so I cracked a few jokes, and she actually laughed. Come to find out… we genuinely liked a lot of the same things. 


Mystical: I hadn't noticed Cameron in my class room, actually i didn't notice anyone. My eyesight was pretty bad, but I didn't care to see the eyes staring at me. I was so used to being judged all of the time that I almost purposely ignored every student in my school. So instead of hanging around in the hallways like everyone else, I would just march straight to class. I walked into Mr. Hardy’s class and said my usual hellos. Then he went over the assignment for that day, which only took a few minutes. Afterwards, I set down to complete my assignment. 15 minutes later, i walked over to Mr. Hardy with my completed assignment in hand, ready to leave. He looked at the sheet to confirm it was done, then asked me to do one more thing. “Help Cameron with his work please, since you're already done? You’re free to leave after that.” I looked up at the boy, who’s face I had never seen, and quickly obliged. I dragged him over to a table and started explaining the problems. 


My eyes were on the paper as I pointed to each question, but I was forced to look up because Cam wasnt responding to my questions. When I looked up, he was just staring at me with his beautiful eyes wide open. This caught me completely off guard; my immediate reaction was to put down my pen and stare back. We sat there staring into eachother eyes and it didn't feel awkward at all. Eventually, he tried to muster up some words, but they came out butchered, “I-iii… umm.. You’re very smart.” I couldn't help, but giggle. He was so cute when he was timid. “Thank you,” I said. He smiled a bit then looked down. I understood what was going on, he had a little crush, and I admired it so I happily entertained him. He continued talking, babbling on about the things that he liked. His eyes lit up when he started to talk about anime, outer space, football, and dance; and I got lost in his words multiple times. Cam was a little socially awkward, but it was perfect for me. 


He started to make embarrassing himself a habit. There were only a few other students in the room, and it seemed like he just didn't care about their existence. Somehow he started talking about his strength, and did not hesitate to do a few push ups to prove it. I never asked him to do it, in fact I didn't doubt his strength, but he didnt care… he was peacocking lol. There was a little awkward silence when he retreated from the floor, but I couldn't hold in my childish smile for two long. I mocked him a little bit, then we both started to laugh. Although I didn't notice, I was beginning to fall in love with this goofy boy. 


We dated for a few months before breaking up. I had left for college and it was difficult for us to balance our “adult” love with our teenage lifestyles. It was a difficult breakup, but the situation seemed out of our control. We knew that we couldn't remain friends so we cut off all contact from each other. 


6 years later, I received a DM on instagram from him.


Cameron: At the time it felt like 100 years since I'd spoken to her. Throughout those 6 years I tried to archive the memories of her that were stuck in my brain, but they were all failed attempts. Something in my heart clinged on to the thought of another chance with her.


There were many instances where I would stalk her on social media, but I always found her looking so happy and successful; so I felt like there was no need for me to interfere. I genuinely felt like she had forgotten about me, so I had left her alone… until I decided not to. 


I was 23 years old, living downtown Detroit and working for the railroad; trying to get used to my new found adulthood, when I took it upon myself to stalk her once again. She was still so beautiful, and looked as if she had settled into her career. Her smile was like one thousand diamonds glistening in the sun; I couldn't help but to admire her. I was overwhelmed with this powerful urge to overcome my fears and talk to her so I told myself, “the worst she could say is that she’s not interested.”


I decided to watch her instagram story, knowing that she could see the viewers. I was hoping she’d take the initiative to speak to me first, but that did nothing. After that, I took a more direct approach and DM’d her, “Heyy, with two y’s,” I said. I was terrified of her response. I thought it would be enough for her to notice my intentions, but that didn't work either. She thought that I was like every other guy with bad intentions, but I didn't give up. I wanted to prove to her that I was different. She made me speak my truth, and I ended up telling her that I always thought of her. 


After that, we chatted more through instagram, and to my surprise, she gave me her number after a few hours. I knew that I had to be doing something right; and that gave me the courage to invite her over. She made me aware that she no longer lived in Detroit, but she did have to run an errand for her mom the next day. All that i had to do was wait until 7:30 pm and she would be at my place. The time was approaching, and she texted me to let me know that she was on her way. Of course I had to make sure that I was smelling great and looking my best without seeming like I was trying too hard. 


When she arrived, my heart dropped. I was more nervous than I had ever been but… it was time. I was so worried about where she would park and i didnt want her waiting on me for too long so I rushed downstairs as fast as I could. I swung open the door, and when I looked up she was already standing there as beautiful as ever. I fell back a little shocked, but relieved. She knew who I was and I knew exactly who she was! 


I calmly walked up to her and gave her a friendly hug. I didn’t want to overstep boundaries so I decided to give her the “upper back hug”, barely touching her. Then, I walked her to my apartment. As soon as we got in, I had to ask for a real hug, I couldn't help myself. She kindly gave me one without hesitation. While hugging, I let her know that I missed her so much and I kept emphasizing on how beautiful she was. I was so happy to see her after all of those years.


We sat and talked about our lives for hours, It felt like being high off of life. We had learned so much about each other, and I loved the adult Mystical. Surprisingly, we talked until 2am. We had so much intimate time with each other that we didn’t even realize how long she had been at my place. 


She had to rush home to get some rest before working in the morning. Although I had to be at work at 5am, I felt like I could've stayed up with her all night.


 I walked her to her car finally, not wanting her to go, but from that point forth I knew that we had so much in store for our future. It truly was a great time. It felt like we had never lost touch. 


We were high off of each other’s presence; and seeing her again after 6 years brought me so much joy to the point where I didn’t know what to do with it. I didn’t want to over indulge or seem clingy and obsessive, but I knew we had many more days to come. She decided to come over again and again. Eventually, We told each other how we felt and we decided to take it slow, but, as you can see, that didn't last for long. We’re now getting married. 


After about a month and a half of dating, I proposed that we move together. It was a big step but I wasn’t afraid because I knew that it would work out for the best. That entire phase of our life was like a movie and I wouldn’t change anything. I fell back in love with her so easily, almost as if I never fell out. My life now feels like I’m living in a fairy tale with the love of my life. Ever since that day she came over, I’ve been the happiest I’ve ever been.


Mystical: I was bored at work with minimal work to do, it was still pretty early in the day. I was on my phone, looking over my social media accounts when I realized that I had received a message from Cam. A lot had happened within those 6 years so I had grown to be a little skeptical about men “sliding” in my DM’s. The first few messages were awkward, but it followed suit if you know Cam. He always tried his hardest to stay in the gray area, ya know… playing it safe. I didn't like this much though because I couldn't tell what his intentions were, so I made sure to be very straight-forward. I coerced him into revealing his motives and I saw that he had no ill intentions. After that, our conversation was smooth sailing. We chatted about our lives in great detail; it didn't take long for me to give him my phone number so that he would text me instead. Somehow we ended up facetiming and talking for hours, it felt like old times… the good times. That same night, we made a plan to see each other. 


I was panicking about my hair because I had been trying to cut it myself, but I ended up making myself look like a Chia Pet. I called my mom so that she could guide me, but it didn't seem to be getting much better. My mom laughed and told me that she would fix it for me the next day. I followed my plan and went to my mom for a haircut. She ended up cutting it too low for my liking so I was a little paranoid about going to see Cam later. I was so insecure about my hair to the point where I almost canceled plans with Cameron. Alternatively, I just coached myself through it. I told myself that I was beautiful either way, I just hoped he would agree. 


After leaving my mom’s house, I drove over to see Cameron. He lived downtown Detroit so the drive wasn't long at all. I was so nervous. So much so, that halfway through this 12 minute trip, I pulled over to check my hair and makeup. I kept thinking, “what if he doesnt think i look as pretty as before? What if I annoy him? What if I…” the intrusive thoughts continued as I pulled off. 


I got to his apartment with ease. I found parking, and I found my way into his building— well, the door was open already. I texted him to tell him that I had arrived, and he responded that he was coming downstairs to get me. I leaned back on a wall, and just stared at his message for a moment. I heard a big slam, and looked up startled. There was a guy staring at his phone, seeming short winded as if he had run down the stairs. I couldn't tell who it was without my glasses on so I paid close attention to the outline of his physique; I had a faint feeling that it was a familiar. The man looked up, and fell back on the door dramatically. He then put a hand on his chest and started laughing. The biggest smile grew on my face. Although I couldn't see, I knew that it was Cameron. No one matched his goofy dramatics. 


We walked toward each other, meeting halfway down the hall. The first thing that he said was, “Is it you? It’s really you.” Then he reached out for a hug. Of course, Cameron played it safe, giving me a one arm hug. He pulled away and asked, “how did you get in? The doors shouldn't be unlocked. How did you find parking?” I shrugged my shoulders, and led the way as if I knew where I was going. When we approached the door to the stairs, he reached around me to open it before I could touch it. After walking through, he got around me and started guiding me to his apartment. When we finally got in, he showed me around and then stopped abruptly. “Can I get a real hug?” he asked. I didn't open my mouth to answer him, I just reached out my arms. He hugged me tightly and said, “I really missed you.” I was surprised, but when I thought about it, I noticed that I had really missed him too. 


As usual, we talked all night. Talked about as much as we could. Cam didn't try to do anything else, but get to know who I had grown up to become. When I looked at the time, it was 2am. I had to work in the morning, so even though I didn't want to go, I knew that I had to leave. He walked me to my car like a gentleman, gave me the awkwardest hug lol, and told me to let him know when I made it home. I played my favorite songs on blast, singing along, dancing, and driving 75 mph on a freeway with the speed limit of 55 mph. I was filled with bliss, and so happy to have rekindled a connection with Cameron.


After a few failed relationships I had no intention of dating again for a while, but after that night, I knew that I needed to make Cam the exception.

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